Sunday, August 19, 2018


Retro food blogging is one of those hobbies that never leaves you. It sticks to you like a sweaty pair of capri pants on a hot Summer day.

This is why every single time I try to hang up my jello molds or throw away that box of Knox Gelatin - I always ALWAYS come back. Retro food: I wish I could quit you. But I can't.

So when my old pal Yinzerella from Dinner is Served 1972 invited me to participate in this year's Pieathalon - I literally could not say no. (Even though I am still scarred for life from my last horrifying Pieathalon experience with a Nesselrode Pie -- Please check it out here on my Retro WW Experiment blog if you feel so inclined)

What is Pieathalon, you ask? Oh only the biggest international retro blogging challenge EVER. And this year is the biggest Pieathalon of all time with 24 retro bloggers participating. The Pieathalon rules are simple: Choose the most horrifying or fabulous pie recipe from your retro recipe collection, and after a random re-assignment - the lucky recipient must make it, eat it and blog about it. And then the internet basically EXPLODES with PIE.

My assignment comes from S.S. at the Book of Cookyre blog and the recipe is featured in "The Babes are Cookin' - The Liberty Babes Booster Club Cookbook". We think it is from the early 80's but the page with the date on it fell off so its anyone's guess really.

The recipe is simply called The Millionaire.  And I love it immediately. First of all - it is easy. Like really easy. We are talking NO BAKE, my friends.  Also in the category of things I love about this pie -  it calls for an entire stick of oleo and 2 cups powdered sugar right from the get go. Then you add a heavy dose of whipping cream and MORE sugar. And then you finish it all off with some crushed pineapple, chopped pecans and a pinch of clear gelatin for good measure. Oh and I almost forgot to mention that this recipe makes not one but TWO PIES.

Why is it called The Millionaire you ask? I can't say for sure, but I am guessing because this pie is RICH. AS. F#@&!

Step One: Fill Pie Shell with inordinate amounts of FAT and SUGAR 

Step Two:  Whip up more SUGAR and MORE FAT!

Step Three: Add NUTS and more SUGAR. And some pineapple.

Have I mentioned that I am a life-long Weight Watchers member? Have I also mentioned that I usually blog about salads and dietetic recipes from the 70's? Have I mentioned there hasn't been a pie in my house since...NEVER? 

Do you know what happens when a calorically-deprived woman who hasn't eaten anything but salads and boiled chicken in 20 years suddenly has 2 FREAKING MILLIONAIRE PIES in her kitchen?

Let's just say it wasn't pretty.

Here is an obligatory fancy and professional-looking picture of the final product:


And here is a picture of the finished product after I completely crushed one of the pies and ate half of it straight from the pan:


And with that, my friends, you can find me on the treadmill for the next 39 days straight. Thanks to all of the Pieathalon participants and especially to our hostess, Yinzerella who organizes this whole pie extravaganza every damn year. If you have the time and you want to get all up in some Retro Pie Business – go check out the other Bloggers and their recipe challenges. 

Grab a slice of the Pieathalon!


  1. I knew I'd love this pie from the moment I read your opening line about sweaty Capri pants! Hilarious posting and the pie looks darned good too!

  2. This post killed me. I am glad I was able to drag you back into the fold (insert evil laugh here)
    Zero point foods for you for the next 2 weeks. LOL

  3. I swear Wendy -- this was my aunt's signature pie as in she brought it to every single family meal from 1963 - 1978 -- then she started on something called Chocolate Delight --- but I loved this pie and you are correct, it looks awful, never a good cut, but tastes incredible!! Hope to participate with you next year!

  4. I know this pie through Furr's Cafeteria! My mom worked there in high school and they gave her their recipe. It's one of my favorites!! And totally not diet friendly, but it is amazing!

  5. This is definitely different from those old Weight Watcher's recipes! I'm glad you finally got some pleasure in your life.

  6. Hahaha...It looks and sounds as if it is worth the next 39 days on the treadmill.

  7. Is it wrong that I am seriously considering making the topping part and just eating it straight out of the bowl? I'm pretty sure I could pass it off as a retro 'salad'.

  8. I am reading about a lot of Pieathlete regrets today. Glad you had none!

  9. I squee'd when I saw you got my recipe because I love reading your blogs! This was so much fun to read. I totally identify with the picture of the very demolished remains of the pie in the pan.
    Also your pie crusts are a work of art. :D